From 1952 to 1970, political discrimination deeply influenced golf in Hungary and it was a “sport non-grata”. After a long hiatus, the first Hungarian Golf Association was established in 1989. Today there are several great golf courses you can enjoy while visiting Hungary. Hungary welcomes both amateur and professional golfers to a wide range of9 and 18 holes golf courses in a varied natural environment.

Nearest to Budapest is Budapest Highland Golf Club, this neat little course, located on a raised area of the 22nd district in South Buda. Despite the relatively urban siting, it is a pleasant game and a little release from the big city.

When you need a higher challenge visit Pannonia Golf and Country Club near Budapest. The course is situated in Máriavölgy, about 30-40 minutes form Budapest city centre, on land occupied by the Habsburg family as a weekend retreat around 1845. The approach to the course and clubhouse (an attractive building designed by famous architect Mihály Pollack) is along a scenic alley of 200 year old sycamore trees. The 18 hole golf course was opened in June 1997. It has since staged many EGA-sanctioned events for professional golfers, though it is still a great place for beginners to learn. The golfing academy uses high-tech golf analysis software to help improve any player’s game. The complex offers many amenities other than golf, including horseriding, tennis, swimming and mountain biking. The site includes a beautiful swimming lake, and generous events facilities.