The Museum of Ethnography’s permanent exhibition offers visitors a glimpse of the material culture of the Hungarian peasantry as it was from the end of the 18th century until the First World War. Through thirteen rooms of material, the exhibition illustrates the ethnic and religious diversity of the peoples of the Carpathian Basin, the forms of community typical of the region, the variety of tools involved in a wide range of peasant labours, and the everyday and festival wear of the Carpathian peoples of the period.

The builidng Рdesigned by Alajos Hauszmann -originally was designed to be the Hungarian Parliament, but on competition prescribed to plan the House of the Nation, won only the second prize. It was realized to give home to the High Court of that time Hungary. The beautifué building manifested the interior of Palazzo Vecchia, Florence in the movie Inferno. The World Press Exhibition use to be held yearly here, on the ground floor.