The workshops and knowledge of two great figures in the history of the Hungarian confectionery industry – Matyas Szamos and Karoly Szabo – were united here, in Szentendre, when the jointly operated shop opened its gates.  Marzipan Museum is a colorful exhibition made entirely out of marzipan. One room is dedicated entirely to Hungarian artifaccts, like the Turul Bird,  the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, the Hungarian Royal Crown, and busts and pictures of various kings, queens, and other famous Hungarians. There is also a large collection of cartoon characters and scenes of faity tales to delight children, musical memorabilia (including a live-sized Michael Jackson commemorating his first concert in Hungary), a life size Lady Diana, and even faux furniture and needlepoint.

On the ground floor through a glass wall the workshop, where the figures are prepared can be seen. In the musuem’s shop pastries can be purchased. Apart from marzipan products, they also offer quality Hungarian wines, Tokay, brandies, paprika, salami, goose liver, Unicum, and ice-cream in the summer.