The building – opened on 15th March 2002 – lies on the bank of the Danube. Finding the appropriate location for a new national theatre was the topic of heated debates for decades. In the 1990s the planned location of the new National Theater was Erzsébet square in the center of the city. Construction started and even the underground parking had been built, when  in the meantime a  new government was elected, and the plans were abandoned. On the Erzsébet square just the digged out „hole” remained – that place became later on  the famous „Gödör” of Budapest.

The beatiful building on the Danube’s shore modelling a slender and elegant, glass-ship. The interieur is not less impressing, harmony of blue, aged gold and brown characterize the carpets, curtains, draperies  and cushioned sofas in the halls, all of them prepared individually, just like the seats at the stage. Beside the main stage of 619 seats, there are too chamber stages as well for another 200, and 100 guests. The main stage is a real moving one – can be riased up and down, declining in different angles in 72 points – which makes its absolutely unique in Europe.

The area of the theatre, along with an open-air stage is 20 844 square meters, and can be functionally separated into three parts. The central part is the nearly round building of the auditorium and stage, surrounded by corridors and public areas. The second is the U-shaped industrial section around the main stage.

The third section is the park that surrounds the area, containing numerous memorials commemorating the Hungarian drama and film industry.