„Goulash” or „gulyás” is  a real Hungaricum,  handled as the national meal of Hungary, and one of the symbols of the country, which has got its name after the shepherdmen of the puszta, who made it in open fire in a cauldron.

Goulash eventually a kind of stew, enriched sometimes with some vegatable, like carrot, celery and potato. What makes our goulash so famous, is the basement, how it is started. First man has to brown some sliced onion, then add grinded paprika. The more is the better. Goulash can be made of any kind of meat, cow, pork, lamb, chicken, fish or wild animals. Salt, add some water, and cook, that is it. A good goulash is always thick. One may alternatively prepare these dishes as soups rather than stews.

Actually no houswifes in Hungary, would prepare the goulash on  the same way. A thicker and richer goulash, similar to a stew, originally made with three kinds of meat, is called Székely gulyás, named after the Hungarian writer, journalist and archivist József Székely (1825–1895), but we have least a 100 recipes and variation.  Some cookbooks suggest using roux with flour to thicken the goulash, which produces a starchy texture and a blander taste. Others suggest using a vast amount of tomatoes for colour and taste.