In Hungary, this Christmas treat is made with a yeast dough. Popular fillings for the roll are walnuts, as suggested here, poppy seeds, or an apple-walnut mixture.

While Hungarian Christmas sweets and pastries served at Christmas time are not numerous, beigli can be found on every Christmas table and families ofen have their own variants for this delicious delicacy.  In general, no other pastries are served, and the traditional ‘szaloncukor” –  large amounts of wrapped decorative fondants candies  – hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration. It is common for Hungarian families to serve both the walnut and the poppy seed rolls, often accompanied with fruit wines, like red currant wine.

The poppy seed filling is a paste of ground poppy seeds,milk, butter, sugar and honey, often with additional flavorings such as lemon zest and juice. It may havealso raisins. The walnut filling is a paste of ground walnuts, milk, butter, sugar, and raisins, often with additional flavorings such as coffww or orange zest.

A very long roll may be ben,t so that it fits on a baking sheet; the result is called a  horseshoe beigli. Before baking, the roll may be given a wash of milk. The roll can be finished with an icing after baking, made of powdered sugar and lemon juice, or aglaze of eggwhites during baking. Usually it is brought from the kitchen already sliced.