„Lecsó, Lečo, Letscho or Leczo is a savory Hungarian vegetable stew.  The Hungarian recipe calls for yellow Hungarian peppers, which are moderately spicy. In north America, a suitable substitute for the Hungarian pepper would be Jalapeño, Guajillo, or New Mexican Anaheim peppers. In other words, do not substitute Serrano, Habanero or Thai chiles in the same amount…”

When you ask a Hungarian about the”lecsó”, they will harsly laugh in the quoation above. Just as for goulash, also for the lecsó exist as many recipe, as many houses. When I make it at home, I  use  just sliced sweet onion, tomatoe and yellow paprika, and some salt. When the paprika is  craps, and the tomatoe just discharged all its juice, it is ready for me.  Some people start with melting out the fat of ham, or speck, mixing it with the onion slices. Also others cookin  sliced sausages as well, and spice the lecsó with grinded paprika too. The ready made lecsó can also be mixed with scramled eggs. But when you in mood for an easy made summer „hot salad”, just grill some sliced onion for a few minutes in oliven  oil, add the sliced yellow paprika, salt, then add the tomatoe sliced too. In  20 minutes, ready! Time to pour a godd glass of white dry wine to it!