In Hungary there is a product that is beloved by almost everyone, no matter if we talk about an adult or a child. It is no surprise that this product is the so called Túró Rudi. As a matter of fact most of the countries do not even know about the existence of the Hungarian specialty, and if we mention the ingredients that it consist of, they immediately question our taste, just because they think that chocolate and cottage cheese doesn’t fit together. But of course the Hungarian cottage cheese is not the same as the English one; therefore it is reasonable, why they might judge our beloved dessert at the first time.

The original receipt of the Rudi is considered to be a legend, because nobody knows it exactly where it comes from but we can admit that it is well-known for at least 50 years in Hungary. Túró Rudi (sweet cheese-filled chocolate bar) – a dark chocolate bar filled with sweetened túró cheese, available flavored or with jam fillings as well. Tname of the most popular brand of túró rudi in Hungary, Pöttyös, translates to “dotty” and is wrapped in adorable polka-dot paper, as ‘The dotted is the real one’ – as the campaing of Túró Rudi says.