Szentendre lies at the gate of one of Hungary’s most beautiful regions, the Danube bend, which is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage. It’s extraordinary not only because of its architectural harmony but its amazingly beautiful surroundings as well. The typical Baroque-style houses, romantic cobbled-road squares, streets and alleyways create a unique, magical atmosphere for this Meditteranean-like town. This is also supported by the sidewalk on the bank of the Danube, the temples, art galleries and cafes.

One can see the merchant houses of the serb and greek  squatter, craftsman, street musicians and painters, and admire the serb-greek inheritance: the Blagovesztenszka orthodox church. From the 14th century serbians, dalmatians and greeks – fleeding from the Turks’s invasion in their original homeland – settled down here, bringing their own culture and religion. Today to town is home to artist, sculptors and painters, and several galleries and museums contribute to the oicture of the city.

Summertime one can enjoy an open-air festival with performances on the main square of Szentendre, while in winter the traditional Christmas Market waits for you.