Most people had childhood dreams of visiting a chocolate factory one day. Szamos is open to anyone, who would like to learn or be involved in the exciting world of chocolate manufacturing. The traditional cakes, marzipans, and smaller confectioneries of Szamos are well known and loved throughout the country, and the family has been operating the brand since 1935 – the profession passes from generation to generation.

Szamos Kossuth Square, next to the Parliament is an unique hybrid of a café, a breakfast place, a bistro, a gift shop, a confectionery, and a museum, while  Szamos Gourmet House Vörösmarty Square is also not only a confectionery, but a café, a restaurant, a manufactory and a candy shop. This luxurious multifunctional place offers delicate handmade sweets, chocolates, bonbons and of course marzipan treats, hot drinks of all sorts and even traditional Hungarian dishes.  Their chocolate school is the right plac, where you can not only visit, but you can taste and prepare the finest chocolates in town. Everyone who participates can try their hands in artisan bonbon making with guidance from the Szamos Chocolate Master as part of our Chocolate Workshop, which involves bonbon moulding, tempering, preparing and filling the cream. Guests can take home some of the finished chocolate in a little box as a gift. Minimum number of participants on a course is 6.