Have you ever swimmed in a pool, while snowflakes were falling out of the sky? When you are in Budapest at wintertime, do not miss the feeling in one of the historical bathes of the city. Saint Luke’s Bath  is not the most well-known of Budapest’s many bath houses, with tourist the Széchenyi and the Gellért Bath are more known and popular. Actually Saint Luke’s always had its own permanent clienture, was a more or less closed community. Famous artists, musicians, actors, writers and journalists visited regulary the bath during the years. Some of the guests rented a place on the „cabinrow” for years, they did not even took their bathing costume, their slippers and robe home. The Saint Luke’s has not got a pool, suitable for swimming inside. But the outdoor pools are full in the mornings and evenings even at wintertime. No matter, it is rain, cold, snow, or sun: the faithful fans of the bath entail their „pool-lengthes”.

Saint Luke’s Bath (Lukacs Thermal Bath) has been in operation since the 12th century, when knights of the Order of Saint John settled down in the area to make use of the thermal hot springs as a means of curing the sicks, mainly poors. The knights of St. John were followed by the Knight Order of Rodos and Malta, but the bath remained, and stayed in operation throughout the Turkish reign as well. According to the chronicles this was the favourite bath of pasha Mustafa, though the Turkishs used the energy of the springs also for grinding wheat and producing gunpowder.

After the Turkish occupation Saint Luke’s Bath became the property of the Treasury. In 1884 a named Fülöp Palotay purchased the building, and started a serie of palatial alterations. A hospital was built up, the swimming pool was completely renovated, and a balneological department was founded. The baths became world-famous for its therapeutic properties, and patients came here from all over the world. Not exactly known, who was the first, but who had come and been healed here, donated a marble plaques, that were displayed in the bath’s courtyard as a sign of their thanks – all of which can still be seen today.

The drinking well of the bath was built in 1937, and for almost no charge everybody can taste the healing water even today. Nowadays Saint Luke’s has much more than a simple soaking tub and drinking fountain –there is a dry sauna, a wet steam room, a cold plunge pool multiple thermal bathes all set to different temperatures, and a huge, heated, outdoor whirling pool with all kind of treat: underwater „effervescence” (saying more simple „bubbles”), neck and brave showers, and water beam back massages hidden in the seat banks. And the only hot water mud bath in Budapest is also found here.