Spa- and cineparties – with movie – are regularly held in Széchenyi Bath, Lukacs Bath, Aquaworld and sometimes also in Gellert Bath in Budapest.

Sparties ombine well-known DJs playing electro, trip-hop, hip-hop, funk and trance with light, video and laser visual effects and unlimited alcohol. And thanks to founder Laszlo Laki, whose company Cinetrip began specialising in nightclub silent film projections shortly after the fall of communism, they have been running for almost 20 years.

Everybody knows at least two things about Budapest: the city is famous for its thermal baths and that its inhabitants love to party. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the most unique parties in the capital take place in these hot thermal waters. The people are dancing in the steaming hot pools, the girls are in their bikinis, well-known DJs pumping out the music, and the special visuals make these parties an incredibly memorable experience. And while you might think winter isn’t ideal for pool parties, the warm thermal water (with a temperature usually around 33°C) envelops you and keeps you warm. It also creates a thick warm steam cloud over the outdoor pools, which get trapped inside because of the walls of the building, so it’s like your partying body is covered in a warm steam coat. There are also some pools located inside the heated building,  but let’s be honest, it’s much better to party in a heated outdoor pool, while it’s snowing and the DJ is playing your favourite tunes.

There is no such thing as a dress code: as long as your swimwear covers your genitals (ladies – your breasts too), and you are at least 18 years old you can enter. You should bring a towel and flip-flops too: the nights are getting colder and if you are getting out of the hot thermal water, you might want something warm to wrap yourself in. There are generally lockers available for your possessions. All the venues have bars with plenty of options like cocktails, beer, wine, champagne, juices and all kinds of snacks. Just like at any other club, you can’t bring your own food or drinks.