These world-famous challenges are for those who dare to break out of locked rooms using only logic puzzles and by solving a labyrinth of tasks. While this sensation has been around since 2011, the number and styles of room escape adventures are on the rise also in Budapest.

Whether on the trail of a serial killer or plotting to rob a bank, the challenges presented at Locked Escape Game will put even the smartest minds to a challenging test. Last year, Locked Escape Game won “game of the year” and is said to be the most realistic room escape experience of all of Budapest’s escape games. This place puts teams through not only a network of puzzles and tasks, but the teams become part of the storyline in the game.

The Pirate Cave is one of Budapest’s most extraordinary escape games. It’s an interactive adventure where the whole set, game and experience demonstrates an extraordinary attention to detail. Combine a pirate adventure with the logical challenges of your normal break-out game with spectacular scenery as the backdrop – we’re talking about a pirate ship and waterfall!