Palóc Goulash or Palóc Soup is similar like Hungarian goulash, but h consists of more ingredients, for example French beans and sour cream. Originally it’s made of lamb, but sometimes Hungarians use pork to cook it. The “palóc” word means the Palóc County, which is home to Hungary’s largest Catholic ethnic minority. But the palóc soup is originated really not from the Palóc Country,  palóc soup got the name from Kálmán Mikszáth, a well known novelist and the major palóc of Hungary.

According to legend this soup was created for him by János Gundel, who established the most famous Hungarian catering dynasty. The legend is simple: Mikszáth wanted to eat a special dish, which consists of all elements of the the Hungarian tastes and cuisine – meat, potato, paprika, sourcreme, onion, vegetables -, hence János Gundel surprised him with the palóc soup on his birthday.