The  small, but utterly captivating Museum of Music History (the Institute for Musicology) tells the story of music in Hungary from the 18th century to the present days in several exhibition rooms through recitals, sheet musics and original scores. This museum ilocates in a magnificent courtyard of Buda Castle, near the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Matthias Church. The exhibition take you through the Hungarian music history highlights, like Franz Liszt.

A highlight of this museum exhibits the recording gramophone used by Hungarian composers Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly to capture the authentic folk music of many nations living together the Carpathian basin, influencing each other’s musical heritage (Hungarian, Szekler, Transylvanian, Romanian, Slovakian, etc.).

The unique and very impressive collection of original scores, programs, books and historical musical instruments gives a great experience for anyone with even a slight interest in music. There are frequent concerts in the Museum, which can be visited free of charge with the museum entry.