Gigantic statues  and ghost of the communist era – there are statues of Lenin, Marx, Engels, as well as several Hungarian Communist leaders in Memento Park.

After the fall of the Communist regime in Hungary in 1989, many of the Communist statues and monuments were immediately removed. These formed the basis for the current collection of statues in the park. On June 29, 1993, the second anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Hungarian territory, the park celebrated a grand opening as a public outdoor museum.

2006 marked a new chapter in the history of Memento Park. A life-sized copy of the tribune of the Stalin Monument in Budapest was built in the Statue Park with the broken bronze boots on top of the pedestal. In 2007 a new exhibition hall and a small movie theater were opened in the Witness Square of Memento Park. The photo exhibition called “Stalin’s Boots” in the exhibition hall takes the viewer through the history of the Uprise of 1956, of the political changes of 1989-1990 and of Memento Park. In the barracks-theater one can see The Life of an Agent, a documentary on the methods used by the secret police.