Budakeszi Vadaspark is a 300 ha large protected forest in the Buda hills, which is your best bet to visit a wildlife spot near Budapest. It has various animals whom you can see live in their natural habitat. This park is located near the city and also offers a complete experience for children. There are several friendly animals whom the kid would like to see and interact with in their own little ways. There are some really cute animals whom you can see hopping around while you undertake the adventure park nature trail. There is a park inside the Wildlife park which offers you somewhat of a recreational time. This place is great if you love nature and want to see it in the most simple of ways. Actually it’s an out-of-town alternative to the zoo, with wild animals (rabbits, deer, foxes, wild boars, wolfs, brown bears, etc.) and farm animals (donkeys, goats, sheep, ducks, etc.) native to Europe and Hungary. There is a petting zoo, a lookout, a play area and several tracks ideal for hiking.  A fun way to get to the park is by taking the Children’s Railway.