The Komondor is considered one of Hungarian national treasures. In medieval times komondor puppies were often presented by the Hungarian kings to other European rules, and the present was more, then highly appreciated. Komondor is  a big, white dog with a long wire coat resembling dreadlocks or a mop head. It’s often confused with white Puli,s but Pulis are herders and guarders while Komondors are mostly only used as guard dogs. But for this purpose Komondors are perfect, this guard dog able to guard livestock and the home well. Komondors are usually calm bu,  when under threat it’s fearless and can act independently. Typically, it rests during the day, but at night is busy patrolling. The Komondor and Puli were often used by Hungarian spepherds together, the Komondor guarding the livestock by night and the Puli herding by day.

The Hungarian Vizsla breed is thought to be one of the oldest hunting dogs in the world. Vizslas are thought to have been the preferred and trusted already of early Magyar tribes, and numerous images can be found of them in ancient art, like codices.  It’s thought Vizslas came to the Carpathian Basin as far back as the 8th century. The Vizsla’s eye, nail and nose colour blend in with its coat, which is a golden-rust colour. They are lively, gentle and have a protective instinct. This warmhearted and friendly dogs is a great companion,  that will stick by your side no matter what!  Today Vizsla is a popular dog breed – not just in Hungary – in the United States there is even then Vizsla Club of America, while there are also Vizsla Clubs in the United Kingdom and in Australia too.

Pulis are an iconic Hungarian sheepdogs, usually whites, often with black, or grey dreadlocks or cords. These smallish shepherd dogs came to the Hungarian region more than 1000 years ago,  as a livestock guard and herder.Pulis are intelligent and loyal, and they are excellent security dogs. They can snap if they feel threatened, although they are generally playful and friendly.  Facebook founder. Mark Zuckerberg has a Puli born in Hungary, called Beast, though a puli can hardly name like this.  Beast has its own Facebook page, which says: “I am a Puli, which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog. I like herding things, cuddling, loving and eating.”  You can also see the Hungarian Puli staring as the “Mop Dog” in the 2015 Dr Pepper commercial.