This medieval programme is organized all year long, and performed by the Saint George Knightly Order in the open air theatre of the Lower Castle in Visegrád, next to the Solomon Tower. Visegrad is less, then one hour drive from Budapest, and you can enjoy this fantastic show on our tour ‘Danube Bend – Day Trip from Budapest’.

After the guests are welcomed by fanfare on arrival to the tournament, an introduction is told to the visitors about the history of the town and the castle. The roof terrace of the tower  – where the tournaments are held – provides an excellent view of the Danube bend, a welcome drink, usually wine is served here  with freshly baked salted cookies. A king and a queen are selected from the guests, then they are dressed in robes and crowned by the knights.  On the call of the king the joust starts: the knights march in and show their targeting and fighting skills with medieval weapons to the royal couple and their guests. The realistic face-to-face battles recall the courage and spirit of the medieval knights in an exciting way with a bit of humour.  The open-air performances feature the royal falconer.  At the end of the show, guests have the opporunity to try some of the weapons with the help of the knights.