Fisherman’s soup holds a similarly prominent place among the national dishes and, like goulash,usually it is cooked in a kettle over an open fire. The soup is prepared from mixed river fish – carp, catfish, perch or pike – and with a great amount of hot paprika, giving it the characteristic bright red color. It has numerous varieties,  like the one in the city of Baja, made with thick pasta and mainly carp, or in the city of Szeged made with four types of fish, being the most famous.

Fishermen’s soup in Hungary particularly prepared in the Danube and Tisza river regions, and of course at lake Balaton. With its generous use of hot paprika, ‘halászlé’ is arguably one of the hottest (spicy hot) dishes native to the European continent.

Hungarian fishermen’s soup is a traditional Christmas Eve dish in Hungary. The Fishermen’s soup cooking competition held in every summer in Baja is a highly favored program for locals and visitors alike.