What is called ‘Hungaricum’?

In the beginning of the 21th century a movement was organized that aimed to systematize and sum up the Hungarian values. After a broad societal and professional collation an act concerning Hungarian national values and Hungarikums was established and declared by the Hungarian Government on the 2nd of April, 2012. The act’s purpose is to give a legal frame to Hungarian people in order to specify and identify their own values, moreover to contribute the promotion of collected values.

Though the list is growing continously, today in Hungary the followings are considered as Hungaricums: pálinka, grape marc pálinka, Csabai and Gyulai sausage or thick sausage, wines of Tokaj, food products from fattened goose, soda-water, ground paprika from Kalocsa and Szeged , PICK and HERZ wintersalami, Hungarian black locust and acacia honey, red onions from Makó, the Hungarian grey cattle, Hungarian shepherd and hound dogs, UNICUM herbal liqueur, ‘spritzer’, chimney cake, camomille of the Hungarian Big Plane, Piros Arany (Red Gold) and Erős Pista made from paprika,  TÖRLEY Sparkling Wine, Red Bull wine of Eger,  Debrecen’s double sausage,  Lake Hévíz and the traditional therapy in Hévíz,  Zsolnay porcelain and ceramics, fife-work of János Neumann in the area of information technology and computers,   „Mohácsi Busó járás” a masked end-of-winter tradition, lace embrodiery of Kiskunhalas, the Kassai method of horseback archery, Kalocsa folk art – drawing, embroidery and wall painting, Herend porcelain, the Hungarian operetta, the nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hungary,  the Hungarian hussar, the Hungarian dulcimer, the concept of Zoltán Kodály, and – though the list is not complete – Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra. the worldrenowned artistic and tradition preserving practice of the orchestra.

On this stunning exhibition you can discover more about Hungaricums, learn about objects the rich folklore culture of Hungary produced, technical inventions of Hunagriansm, the cultural heritage of hungary, and you can even admire the stunning beauty of the countryside.

Getting to know the people of a different country is one of the best things to experience when travelling, yet so often we don’t have the time enough, or the local company . In the House of hungaricums  you can get it all in just an hour at the afternoon English language live comedy show.  You might also discover some more Hungarian specialties you’d like to try or see. The place of the exhibition and the performances is the 1st floor of the Gerbeaud Coffee on the Vörösmarty square, Budapest