The most important sights and attractions of Budapest including the Crown Jewels in the Parliament, the Chain Bridge or Buda Castle.

Discover the vibrant city and its historic monuments, thermal spas or famous streets and squares.

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Highlights of Budapest

Budapest Eye

The giant ferris wheel located in Erzsebet square in the downtown of Budapest is opento the public usually  from middle of April. It offers fantastic views

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History of Hungary’s Holy Crown

There is no other nation in the world, who would keep in such a high reverence, have such a high respect for, love with such a mystical adoration their national relic, as the Hungarians do with their crown, the Hungarian Holy Crown. There is no other nation to be found, whose national relic’s source, origin and age are so much unanswered, surrounded with such a mystery, and went through such fantastic adventures as did the crown of the Hungarians.

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Memento Park Budapest

A quote by the architect on the project of Memento Park Budapest: “This park is about dictatorship. And at the same time, because it can be talked about, described, built, this park is about democracy. After all, only democracy is able to give the opportunity to let us think freely about dictatorship.”

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