When we think of the changing of the guards, we automatically think of London but in Budapest you experience a completely different atmosphere. In the Hungarian capital you can see the parade of changing guards at two placces: at the Sándor Palace in Buda Castle, where the residency of the Hungarian president locates, and in front of the Hungarian Parliament.

At Sándor Palace the event can be seen daily, from 8,30 – 17,00, at every hour. From April to October monthly once at the last Saturday of the month a special parade is held accompined by music.

In the Hungarian Parliament the Holy Crown of Hungary is guarded in the Ceremonial Hall by two crown guarder, who change the position of their sword in every hour, Outside, at the official place of the Hungarian national flag, there is a change of guards in every hour from 8,30 – 17,30. A special ceremonial parade with music is held at the Hungarian Parliament daily at 12,30.