The fountains of youth – drinking halls of Budapest

The story of Budapest mineral waters is very interesting and their curative effect is an even bigger treasure than the cultural value that they represent. Medicinal thermal waters that burst out from the ground have often been utilised by building both baths and bottling plants, and in these spas we can’t only take a splash […]

Dagály Thermal Spa and Danube Arena

Dagály Beach and Swimming Pool was opened in 1948 in a scenic environment at northern Budapest, on the banks of the river Danube. Thermal waters found under the bed of Danube previously wastefully flowing into the river were utilised at its opening in 1948. The water comes from a depth of 126 m, delivering thermal […]

Roofpool and inner garden – Hungária Bath Budapest

In the 1820’s the owner of the ground where the Hungária Bath later stood, a silk trader, named András Gamperl, discovered cold water spring rich in mineral salts while digging a well. On 23rd May 1827 he opened the Gamperl Iron Bath here. The Big Flood of 1838 washed away that first building. The rebuilt […]

Dandar Bath Budapest

The architectural plan for the public bath in Dandar street Budapest was prepared by Ferenc K. Császár. The Bath was commissioned in 1930, then transformed in 1936. During World War II the Bath was o­nly slightly damaged so it could be opened as soon as 1945. Originally, the Bath operated as a sanitary bath. In […]

The oldest open-air bath of Budapest, Csillaghegy

Csillaghegyi Open-air Baths is the oldest open-air bath in Budapest surrounded by a beautiful park. It started operation as early as the second half of the 19th century and has been operating in its present form since 2000. It is open even in winter, under a canvas tent roof. The open-air bath is built into […]

The youngest bath of Budapest – Paskal Bath

Paskal Bath is the youngest open-air bath of Budapest. The establishment of an open-air bath at this site was made available by the well-borings to a depth of 1,735 m performed in 1965, from which water of a temperature of 70°C and with a yield of 1,000 litre/min spouted up at that time. The bath itself […]

Pünkösdfürdő Bath Budapest

Pünkösdfürdő Bath was built in 1935 by the plans of Alfred Hajós, the first Olympic champion of Hungary in the history of modern time’s Olympic Games.  No other swimmer ever won such a high fraction of all Olympic events at a single Games. In 1896 the swimming events were held in the Mediterranean Sea next to Athen, battling the elements. […]

Royal Spa Corinthia

For fans of wellness, the Royal Spa in Corinthia Hotel has a unique appeal. First open in 1886, the bath was beautifully restored to its original splendor. Within the framework of its classical style, the interior was carefully redesigned, and ensures today a 1000 m2 space for wellbeing. Man finds here a 15 m long […]

Grand Hotel Thermal, Margareth Island Budapest

Margaret Island’s the thermal waters were brought to the surface in 1886. The island was opened to the public in 1869 but until 1900, when the connecting link with Margaret bridge was built, the only access was by boat. Baths were built on the island around the end of the 19th century to exploit the natural […]

Adventure, wawebath and surf, that is Palatinus bath on the Margaretisland

The Palatinus Open-Air Bath, located o­n the Margit island, in a nature conservation area, was opened as a beach o­n the bank of the Danube in 1919. Its pools are supplied by the thermal springs of the Margit Island. This was the first open-air bath of Budapest. Palatinus bath is equipped with a wave-bath pool […]

Aquaworld Budapest – adventure in all the year

One of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe offers unforgettable entertainment to visitors of every age throughout the year.In the indoor adventure pool, 11 slides of a total length of almost 1 km guarantee adventure and entertainment throughout the year.

Csaszar – Komjadi bath and swimming pool in Budapest

The history of the baths goes back to the Roman times, the water from the nearby thermal springs were already used during the rule of Emperor Claudius. Actually the name of the bath ‘csaszar’ means ’emperor’ in Hungarian. The public baths called Csaszarfürdő was opened in 1806; the building was completed in the second half […]

Budapest’s oldest Turkish bath – Veli Bej Ilidja

Veli Bej Bath is the oldest Turkish bath in Budapest, which dates back to the 16th century. It was built next to Saint Luke’s and Csaszar bath, as uniquely in Budapest here no less then four hot springs comes out from the earth. Only the fact, that they outburst on the same place is unique, […]