Veli Bej Bath is the oldest Turkish bath in Budapest, which dates back to the 16th century. It was built next to Saint Luke’s and Csaszar bath, as uniquely in Budapest here no less then four hot springs comes out from the earth. Only the fact, that they outburst on the same place is unique, at least not the numbers, as Budapest boast altogether with 136 hotsprings under its citizens feets.

Veli Bej is  small and has a very intimate atmosphere. The number of visitors, who can be in the bath at the same time, is limited to 80 people, so it never gets crowded. It was recently renovated and the modern architecture and design have been nicely incorporated with the old Turkish style. The pools are in the old Turkish building, between the medical and the wellness areas. As you enter, your breath will be just simply taken away: The lights on the walls are dimmed and the pools are lit from the bottom, which creates a truly magical atmosphere. The pool in the middle, which is the biggest Turkish pool in Central Europe, has an octagon shape. The water in this pool is 36 degrees celsius and it is 100% thermal water. There is no chlorine added to the water that is completely changed four times per day. Above the pool, there is a beautiful cupola, with ‘elephant’s eyes’.

Next to the bath there is a hospital, and doctors there incorporate balneoology using the healing water of Veli Baj Bath  in their treatments. In the wellness area there is a sauna, a cteam cabin, an infrasauna, and a whirlpool.