“One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” – well, that wasn’t exactly our motto when we started this article, but you can’t go wrong with Lou Reed, can you? If you feel like funkin’ up your weekdays, or the lack of jazz in your life disturbs you, and it happens you are in Budapest, you can find plenty of places to satisfy yourself with jazz.

Jazz music is living its renessaince in Budapest, driven by both famous local musicians and world famous masters of jazz  visiting the city regularly. You can dance to some jazz on one of their party boats overlooking the Danube River and the Castle of Buda, or relax with dinner and a show. The city has plenty of places where regular concerts and jamsession are being held, combined with excellent international cuisine. Moreover jazzfestivals are held almost in every season. Do not go alone, ask one of our friendly staff for the hottest events, enjoy a great evening, and learn all about Hungarian jazz!