Andrassy Avenue, the iconic boulevard of Budapest

Andrassy Avenue, the iconic boulevard of Budapest Often called as the Champs Elysées of Budapest, Andrássy Avenue counts to be the most elegant street in the capital. This is not only by chance, maybe Budapest would have not developed in this way, if Count Gyula Andrássy, later the primeminister of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarch had not […]

Aquincum – the roman Budapest

Aquincum – the roman Budapest Roman legions arrived to the present territory of Hungary about 10 AC, and settled western Hungary, using the line of river Danube as border. They called the newly conquered lands Pannonia Inferor, which soon became a prosperous colony. The once upon a time  ‘capital’ of Pannonia was Aquincum – named […]

Heroes’ Square Budapest

Heroes’ Square Budapest Heroes’ Square (or „Hősök tere” in Hungarian) is one of the most-visited attractions in Budapest, which was created in almost 30 years, starting towards the end of the 19th century. Widespread disbelief, that the Millenium Column and Millenium Monument of the square was built for the Millenium Celebrations of 1896. In fact, […]

The Royal Palace of Budapest

The Royal Palace of Budapest Budapest’s cityscape from the Danube bank is part of UNESCO’s world heritage. A distinguishing feature of this view is Castle Hill and the castle itself, a system of fortifications from mediaeval times which encloses the Palace of the Buda Castle and the historical residential quarter. Mongolians, Turks, Austrians, Germans fought here, and […]